Article I.  General Provisions
   8.04.010   Definitions
   8.04.020   Intent and purpose
   8.04.030   Enforcement provisions
   8.04.040   Hearings
   8.04.050   Penalties
Article II.  Public Health Nuisance
   8.04.060   Definitions
   8.04.070   Intent and purpose
   8.04.080   Requirements
   8.04.090   Open burning of landscape waste
   8.04.100   Barriers for residential swimming pools, spas and hot tubs
Article III.  Food
   8.04.110   Purpose
   8.04.120   Incorporated materials
   8.04.130   Definitions
   8.04.140   Permit requirements
   8.04.150   Inspection of food establishments
   8.04.160   Plan review of future construction
   8.04.170   Emergency occurrences
   8.04.180   Food sample demonstrations and food promotions
   8.04.190   Change in ownership
   8.04.200   Ventilation hoods
   8.04.210   Toilet facilities
   8.04.220   Mobile food units
   8.04.230   Temporary food establishments
   8.04.240   Catering food service operations
   8.04.250   Delivery services
   8.04.260   Outdoor grilling at fixed food establishments
   8.04.270   Vending of food and beverage
Article IV.  Wastewater and Sewage
Treatment and Disposal
   8.04.350   General provisions
   8.04.360   Definitions
   8.04.370   General requirements
   8.04.380   Experimental systems
   8.04.390   Private sewage disposal system installation
   8.04.400   Fees
   8.04.410   Inspections
   8.04.420   Field examination of site soil materials
   8.04.430   Soil absorption system requirements
   8.04.440   Private sewage disposal systems to serve non-residential properties
   8.04.450   Approved private sewage disposal systems
   8.04.460   Type 1 and Type 2 systems
   8.04.470   Type 3 systems
   8.04.480   Type 4 systems
   8.04.490   Type 5 systems
   8.04.500   Lift stations and pumps
   8.04.510   Malfunctioning private sewage disposal systems
   8.04.520   Septic tanks
   8.04.530   Other septic system components
   8.04.540   Low pressure distribution
   8.04.550   Other on-site systems requiring special approval
   8.04.560   Seepage beds
   8.04.570   Privies
   8.04.580   Portable toilets (chemical toilets)
   8.04.590   Holding tanks
   8.04.600   Sanitary dump stations
   8.04.610   On-site wastewater systems in rapid and/or very rapidly permeable soils
   8.04.620   Aeration devices
   8.04.630   Collection, storage, transportation, disposal and use of septage, portable toilet waste, and domestic waste removed from a holding tank, privy vault or sanitary dump station
   8.04.640   Administration
   8.04.650   Platting of new subdivisions
   8.04.660   Subdivisions providing one-half acre of non-critical soils
   8.04.670   Subdivisions with designated private sewage disposal and future septic system replacement areas
   8.04.680   Sites utilizing IEPA permitted technology
   8.04.690   Other subdivision requirements
   8.04.700   Subdivision review process
   8.04.710   Tentative plat stage
   8.04.720   Final plat stage
   8.04.730   Special waste holding tanks
   Appendix A:  Incorporated Materials
   Appendix B:  List of Tables
   Table I:  Soil Suitability for Onsite Wastewater Disposal
   Table II:  Estimated Domestic Sewage Flows
   Table III:  Minimum Liquid Capacities for Septic Tanks
   Table IV:  Minimum Separations
   Table V:  Standards for Seepage Field Construction
   Table VI:  Size and Spacing for Seepage Field Construction
   Table VII:  Sizing of Aerobic Treatment Plants
   Table VIII:  Variances Possible for Septic Systems to Serve New Construction
   Table IX:  Spacing for Seepage Field Construction (Gravelless and Chamber Systems)
   Appendix C:  Appendix Contents
   Appendix C:  Design Checklist
   Appendix C - Table X:  Perforation Discharge Rates
   Appendix C - Table XI:  Friction Loss in Schedule 40 Plastic Pipe
   Illustrations:  List of Illustrations
   Illustration 1:  System Types
   Illustration 2:  Detail of Low Pressure Pipe Distribution
   Illustration 3:  Water Table Observation Well Construction
   Illustration 4:  Type IV At Grade on Sloping Site
   Illustration 5:  Type IV At Grade Level Site
   Illustration 6:  Type V Mound System Level Site
   Illustration 7:  Type V Mound System Sloping Site
Article V.  Private, Semi-Private, Closed Loop, and Non-Community Water Supplies
   8.04.740   General provisions
   8.04.750   Definitions
   8.04.760   Incorporated materials
   8.04.770   General requirements
   8.04.780   Finishing and testing
   8.04.790   Permit requirements
   8.04.800   Administration
   8.04.810   Fee structure
Article VI.  Animal Control
   8.04.820   General provisions
   8.04.830   Definitions
   8.04.840   Permits, fees, licenses, registrations
   8.04.850   Inspections
   8.04.860   Dangerous and vicious animals
   8.04.870   Public nuisances
   8.04.880   Biting animals
   8.04.890   Rabies - rabies vaccination
   8.04.900   Exotic animals - wildlife
   8.04.910   Farm animals
   8.04.920   Cruelty to animals
   8.04.930   Violation of § 8.04.920
   8.04.940   Penalties, fines, and remedies
   8.04.950   Miscellaneous provisions
Article VII.  Fees
   8.04.960   Fee schedule