General Provisions
   156.001   Title
   156.002   Declaration of purpose
   156.003   Conformity with regulations required
   156.004   Scope
   156.005   Rules and definitions
   156.006   Annexed territory
   156.007   Figures (sketches and illustrations)
Zoning District Regulations
   156.020   Zoning districts; general
   156.021   Establishment of zoning districts
   156.022   Interpretation
   156.023   Schedule; area and bulk regulations; signs; off-street parking requirements
   156.024   Schedule; permitted uses; accessory uses; exceptions and special permits
   156.025   Development plans; when required
   156.026   Preliminary development plans; application, contents and submission requirements
   156.027   Consideration of preliminary development plans
   156.028   Final development plans; when required
   156.029   Final development plans; application contents and submission requirements
   156.030   Consideration of final development plans
   156.031   Expiration of an approved development plan
   156.032   Recording of development plans (if necessary Village Board to determine)
   156.033   Abandonment of final development plats
   156.034   Motor vehicle oriented businesses
Supplementary Use and Bulk Regulations
   156.045   Fences, walls and hedges
   156.046   Lighting controls
   156.047   Parking, off-street; access to lots
   156.048   Swimming pools
   156.049   Signs; general regulations
   156.050   Churches and places of formal worship
   156.051   Garages, repair
   156.052   Gasoline service stations
   156.053   Recreational vehicles, boats, and/or trailers
   156.054   Public buildings
   156.055   Public utility stations; exchanges; essential services
   156.056   Schools, private and parochial
   156.057   Drive-in theaters
   156.058   Nursing homes
   156.059   Hospitals and sanitariums
   156.060   Nursery schools
   156.061   Plant nurseries and greenhouses
General Supplementary Regulations
   156.075   Uses permitted
   156.076   Bulk of buildings
   156.077   Maintenance of yards, courts and other open spaces
   156.078   Division of zoning lots
   156.079   Accessory building
   156.080   Location of required open space
   156.081   Required yards for existing buildings
   156.082   Reduction of lot; limitation of number of principal buildings on lot
   156.083   Corner lots and through lots
   156.084   Frontage requirements
   156.085   General performance standards
   156.086   Occupancy of temporary structures
   156.087   Contiguous parcels
   156.088   Individual sewage systems
   156.089   Maximum height of building; exclusions
   156.090   Minimum yards; exceptions
   156.091   Public utility distribution facilities; exception
   156.092   Landscape and streetscape standards
   156.093   Site lighting standards
Variances and Special Permits
   156.110   General
   156.111   Site location
   156.112   Public buildings and public utility buildings or structure
   156.113   Hearing on application
   156.114   Use variances and special permits
   156.115   Planned development districts; intent and purpose
   156.116   Types of planned developments
   156.117   Permitted uses
   156.118   Minimum planned development site size
   156.119   Density and dimensional regulations and performance standards
   156.120   Other development regulations applicable to pd districts
   156.121   Dedication and reservation of land
   156.122   Preliminary development plan procedure
   156.123   Public hearing on preliminary development plan and rezoning request
   156.124   Board of Trustees action on preliminary development plan and rezoning request
   156.125   Effect of approval of preliminary development plan and period of validity
   156.126   Final development plan procedure
   156.127   Recording of final development plan
   156.128   Amendments to final development plan
   156.129   Failure to initiate construction after final development plan approval
   156.130   Motor vehicle oriented business regulations
Non-Conforming Uses
   156.140   Continuation
   156.141   Change or extension of non-conforming use
   156.142   Abandonment or discontinuance
   156.143   Repairs, maintenance and alteration
   156.144   Restoration
Board of Zoning Appeals
   156.155   Creation
   156.156   Meetings
   156.157   Appeals
   156.158   Power and duties
   156.159   Procedure
   156.170   General
   156.171   The Planning Commission Advisory Report
   156.172   Procedure before Planning Commission
   156.173   Procedure before Village Board of Trustees
   156.174   Written protest
   156.175   Costs
Enforcement and Administration
   156.185   Enforcement
   156.999   Penalty
   Appendix A:     Figures
   Appendix B:     Area and Bulk Regulations
   Appendix C:     Schedule; Permitted Uses; Accessory Uses; Exceptions; and Special Permits