General Provisions
   30.01   Police Reserve Force
   30.02   Adoption of state statutes; town to city
   30.03   Smoking in city offices/hallways
   30.04   Official newspaper
   30.05   Police Department policy on racial profiling
   30.06   Notice of claims
Commemorative Naming
   30.10   Application of subchapter
   30.11   Definitions
   30.12   Types of naming requests
   30.13   Type A request for official renaming of streets
   30.14   Type B request for commemorative naming of streets and public facilities
   30.15   Type C request for commemorative naming of public features
Management of City Records
   30.20   Application of subchapter
   30.21   Definitions
   30.22   Property of city
   30.23   Policy
   30.24   Designation of Records Management Officer
   30.25   Plan to be developed; approval and authority
   30.26   Duties of Records Management Officer
   30.27   Responsibilities of officers and employees
   30.28   Records control schedules adopted; filing with state
   30.29   Implementation of records control schedules; destruction of records under schedule
   30.30   Destruction of unscheduled records
   30.99   Penalty