The City Controller shall, after the approval by the Chief of Police, the Traffic Sergeant and upon presentation to the City Controller of the bond or contract of insurance filed by the applicant, issue to the applicant a license authorizing the applicant to operate taxicabs in the city. The City Controller may refuse to issue the license if it appears, upon investigation by the Chief of Police and the Traffic Sergeant, that it is not in the best interest of public health, safety, morals, convenience and the general and economic welfare of the city or for any other just cause. The applicant shall have the right to appeal that decision to the City Board of Public Works and Safety. Upon approval by the City Controller, the applicant shall pay to the City Controller a license fee of $15 for each motor vehicle listed, if payment is made before July 1 of any calendar year, and a license fee of $9 for each motor vehicle if payment is made on or after July 1 of any year.
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