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Sec. 231. Powers and Duties.
   The Mayor shall have the power and duty to:
   (a)   exercise management authority over all departments, agencies and appointed offices of the City, except where the Charter provides otherwise;
   (b)   appoint and remove staff as may be needed to perform the duties and carry out the responsibilities of the Mayor’s office, subject only to budgetary appropriation;
   (c)   unless provided otherwise in the Charter, appoint chief administrative officers of City departments and appointed offices, and the members of the boards of commissioners created by the Charter, each subject to Council confirmation as provided in the Charter;
   (d)   unless otherwise provided in the Charter, appoint the members of standing commissions and boards created by ordinance that are advisory to or manage a department or appointed office, or perform regulatory functions, subject to Council confirmation as provided in the Charter;
   (e)   remove from office any chief administrative officer or commissioner, except where otherwise provided in the Charter;
   (f)   publicly address the Council on the state of the City, annually prior to the submission of the proposed budget;
   (g)   prepare and submit the Mayor’s proposed annual budget to the Council for consideration in accordance with Article III of the Charter;
   (h)   represent the City in intergovernmental relations in accordance with City policy and supervise the City’s intergovernmental relations function;
   (i)   declare a local emergency and coordinate the City’s emergency response activities in accordance with procedures established by ordinance, and supervise emergency preparedness activities in the various departments and offices, including the Mayor’s office, in a manner consistent with City policy;
   (j)   establish procedures and implement policies not inconsistent with the Charter or ordinance as are necessary to effectively manage and supervise the responsibilities entrusted to the Mayor through the issuance of executive directives, which, in the absence of conflicting provisions in the Charter or ordinance, and until revised or rescinded by the Mayor, shall be binding on all departments, commissions, appointed officers and employees of the City. Executive directives shall be filed with the City Clerk and be published in the manner described in Section 251. Executive directives shall take effect 15 days after publication;
   (k)   certify in writing to the Council, for each appointment that requires Council confirmation, that in the Mayor’s opinion the appointee is especially qualified by reason of training and experience for the position, and that the appointment is made solely in the interest of the City; and
   (l)   perform other duties and have other powers as are provided elsewhere in the Charter or by ordinance.