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Sec. 217. Investigations and Proceedings.
   (a)   Administration of Oaths. The Mayor, Controller, Treasurer, the Zoning Administrator, and each member of the Council and of each board provided for in the Charter, and the secretary of each of those boards, shall have the power to administer oaths and affirmations in any investigation or proceeding pending before any of those officers or bodies, or concerning any demand on the City Treasury, and the City Clerk shall have the power to administer all oaths and affirmations required by the Charter.
   (b)   Witnesses and Subpoenas. The Mayor, Controller, Treasurer, the Zoning Administrator, Council, and each board provided for in the Charter shall have the power and authority to examine witnesses under oath and compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of evidence before them. Upon the request of the Mayor, Controller, Treasurer, President of the Council, or the presiding officer of any board, the City Clerk shall issue subpoenas in the name of the City, attested with the corporate seal, requiring the attendance and testimony of the witness or production of documents at a specified time and place before the Mayor, Controller, Treasurer, Council, or board requesting the subpoena. Nothing in this section shall require Council, any board or officer, or the Zoning Administrator to provide for examination of witnesses under oath in any particular proceeding.
   (c)   Penalties and Procedure. The Chief of Police, or other officer designated by ordinance, shall cause all such subpoenas to be served. The Council shall prescribe by ordinance suitable penalties for disobedience of subpoenas, and the refusal of witnesses to testify or produce evidence.
   (d)   Board Examiners. Under procedures prescribed by ordinance:
   (1)   Each board of commissioners may appoint one or more examiners, or may designate one or more of its members to serve as examiners, whenever, under the Charter or by any law, a right of appeal or protest to the board is given, or where it is required to conduct any investigation or hearing;
   (2)   Each board may adopt, reject or modify the report of any examiner in whole or in part, or may reconsider the matter in whole or in part;
   (3)   Each examiner shall have power to administer oaths and require the City Clerk to issue subpoenas; and
   (4)   Reference to an examiner shall not extend or curtail the time within which the action of any board must be taken, as required by the Charter, any other law or by ordinance.