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Sec. 262. Approval of Demands on Treasury.
   (a)   The Controller shall, prior to approval of any demand, make inspection as to the quality, quantity and condition of services, labor, materials, supplies or equipment received by any office or department of the City, and approve before payment all demands drawn upon the Treasury if the Controller has adequate evidence that:
   (1)   the demand has been approved by every board, officer or employee whose approval is required by the Charter or ordinance;
   (2)   the goods or services have been provided, except that advance payment may be authorized by ordinance for specified categories of goods and services;
   (3)   the payment is lawful;
   (4)   the appropriation for the goods or services has been made;
   (5)   the prices charged are reasonable;
   (6)   the quantity, quality and prices correspond with the original specifications, orders or contracts; and
   (7)   any additional criteria established by ordinance have been satisfied.
   (b)   Notwithstanding subsection (a), the Controller shall delegate to the various offices and departments the duties of inspection of goods and services and approval of demands, in accordance with methods for inspection and approval established by the Controller, but the Controller may suspend the authority delegated pursuant to this subsection upon a finding of abuse of that authority or on a determination that the office or department lacks adequate controls to exercise that authority properly. In the event of suspension of the authority delegated pursuant to this subsection, the Controller shall assist the office or department to achieve adequate controls and standards prior to reinstatement of that authority to the office or department.
   (c)   The Controller shall withhold approval of any demand, in whole or in part, if there is a question as to whether it is improper, illegal, or unauthorized, and immediately file a report with the Mayor and Council stating the objections to the demand. The Council shall promptly consider the report and may overrule or sustain the objections of the Controller.
   (d)   The Controller shall keep a record of all demands on the Treasury approved by the Controller and of all demands to which objections have been made and overruled.