General Provisions
   51.01   Definitions
   51.02   Rates and charges
Public Sewers; Requirements and Use
   51.15   Required use of public sewers
   51.16   Restricted and prohibited discharges
   51.17   Septage disposal
   51.18   State and national standards apply; discharges and testing
   51.19   User responsibility; information; charges and permits
   51.20   Special agreements
   51.21   Right of rejection
   51.22   Grease, oil, and sand interceptors
   51.23   Pretreatment facilities; requirements
   51.24   Industrial wastes; monitoring facility
Private Sewer Systems
   51.35   Permit required
   51.36   Requirements
   51.37   Public sewer connection required when available
Construction and Connections
   51.50   Public sewer construction and connections; permit required
   51.51   Building sewers; permits; CAC charges
   51.52   Expenses; liability; maintenance
   51.53   Building sewer required; old building sewers
   51.54   Construction standards
   51.55   Connection standards and restrictions
   51.56   Inspection and connection
   51.57   Excavations; barricades; restoration
   51.58   Sewer lateral installation
Administration and Enforcement
   51.70   Services outside corporate limits; contract basis
   51.71   Damage or tampering with facilities unlawful
   51.72   Right of entry; safety rules; easements
   51.73   Violations; notice to correct
   51.74   Liability for damages
   51.99   Penalty