General Provisions
   92.001   Street Commissioner
   92.002   Certain conditions which constitute nuisances
   92.003   Willful damage, obstruction or impairment of use prohibited
Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters; Generally
   92.015   Duty of property owners to remove snow, ice and other obstructions; when snow and ice deemed nuisance
   92.016   Materials for and manner of construction and repair; widths and grades
   92.017   Supervision of construction and repair work; authority of City Administrator
Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters; Costs of Construction and Installation
   92.030   Declaration of policy
   92.031   Responsibility for costs
House and Lot Numbering
   92.045   Mandatory compliance with subchapter
   92.046   Numbering plan for buildings abutting upon streets; duty of property owners and occupants to post numbers on buildings
   92.047   Details of numbering plan
   92.060   Permit required
   92.061   Application for and issuance of permits
   92.062   Required deposit prior to issuance of permit; purpose of deposit
   92.063   Conditions of permits; safety precautions; duties of permit holders and property owners
   92.064   Inspection of backfilling and surface restoration; refund of deposits; work done by city upon finding of unsatisfactory restoration work
   92.065   Deposit of cash or bond does not bar city from other recourse for violations
   92.080   Findings, purpose and intent
   92.081   Election to manage the public right-of-way
   92.082   Definitions
   92.083   Administration
   92.084   Registration and right-of-way occupancy
   92.085   Registration information
   92.086   Reporting obligations
   92.087   Permit requirement
   92.088   Permit applications
   92.089   Issuance of permit; conditions
   92.090   Permit fees
   92.091   Right-of-way patching and restoration
   92.092   Joint applications
   92.093   Supplementary applications
   92.094   Other obligations
   92.095   Denial of permit
   92.096   Installation requirements
   92.097   Inspection
   92.098   Work done without a permit
   92.099   Supplementary notification
   92.100   Revocation of permits
   92.101   Mapping data
   92.102   Location and relocation of facilities
   92.103   Pre-excavation facilities location
   92.104   Damage to other facilities
   92.105   Right-of-way vacation
   92.106   Indemnification
   92.107   Abandoned and unused facilities
   92.108   Appeal
   92.999   Penalty
Charter reference:
   Ordinance requirements relating to vacation of streets, see Charter § 12.06
   Prohibiting public utility fixtures in, over, upon or under any street or public place without a city franchise, see Charter § 10. 01
   Special assessments and public improvements, see Charter §§ 8.01, 8.02
Statutory reference:
   Highways, see M.S. Chapter 160
   Opening and vacating streets, see M.S.§ 440.13