Each person performing excavation, digging or otherwise and each holder of an excavation permit shall be charged with the following duties and obligations in connection therewith:
   (A)   To post the permit at the digging site before work to commenced and to keep and maintain the permit posted continuously until work is completed and final inspection had;
   (B)   Backfilling shall be done in maximum lifts of 12 inches and each lift compacted with vibratory compactor. Backfill material to be cleaned, well-graded, granular material approved by the city. This restoration by the party doing the digging shall be only to a level equal to the top of the base. The city shall be responsible for the replacement of blacktop and the party doing the digging shall be responsible for replacement of concrete;
   (C)   To notify the Street Commissioner when the excavation is ready for backfilling so that he or she may make inspection thereof, and to comply with his or her instructions as to backfilling and restoration of the surface;
   (D)   To keep and maintain proper and adequate warning lights, rails and other safety precautions as may be necessary to protect persons and property from danger incident to the excavation;
   (E)   To refrain from closing any street or public way for a period of more than 48 hours; and
   (F)   To observe, carry out and perform other rules and regulations as the City Council or the Street Commissioner may from time to time promulgate for the purpose of carrying out the intent of this subchapter.
(1973 Code, § 23-17)  (Ord. 254, passed - -; Ord. passed 9-9-1974)