An application for a permit is made to the city. Right-of-way permit applications shall contain and will be considered complete only upon compliance with the requirements of the following provisions:
   (A)   Registration with the city pursuant to this subchapter;
   (B)   Submission of a completed permit application form, including all required attachments, and scaled drawings showing the location and area of the proposed project and the location of all known existing and proposed facilities; and
   (C)   Payment of money owed to the city for:
      (1)   Permit fees, estimated restoration costs, if restoration is to be completed by the city and other management costs;
      (2)   Any undisputed loss, damage or expense suffered by the city because of applicant’s prior excavations or obstructions of the rights-of-way or any emergency actions taken by the city;
      (3)   Franchise fees or other charges, if applicable;
      (4)   Provide insurance certificate and construction performance bond in the form acceptable to city; and
      (5)   Posting an additional or larger construction performance bond for additional facilities when applicant requests an excavation permit to install additional facilities and the city deems the existing construction performance bond inadequate under applicable standards.
(Ord. 460, passed 8-28-2000)