(A)   Registration. Each person who occupies, uses or seeks to occupy or use, the right-of-way or place any equipment or facilities in or on the right-of-way, including persons with installation and maintenance responsibilities by lease, sublease or assignment, must register with the city. Registration will consist of providing application information and paying a registration fee. The registration fee shall be established from time to time by City Council resolution.
   (B)   Registration prior to work. No person may construct, install, repair, remove, relocate or perform any other work on, or use any facilities or any part of the facilities in any right-of-way without first being registered with the city.
   (C)   Exceptions. Nothing in this section shall be construed to repeal or amend the provisions of a city ordinance permitting persons to plant or maintain boulevard plantings or gardens in the area of the right-of-way between their property line and the street curb. Persons planting or maintaining boulevard plantings or gardens shall not be deemed to use or occupy the right-of-way, and shall not be required to obtain any permits or satisfy any other requirements for planting or maintaining the boulevard plantings or gardens under this subchapter. However, nothing in this division relieves a person from complying with the provisions of the M.S. Chapter 216D, as it may be amended from time to time, Gopher One Call Law.
(Ord. 460, passed 8-28-2000)  Penalty, see § 92.999