General Provisions
   94.001   Adoption of state, national fire codes by reference
Fire Protection Regulations Generally
   94.020   Fire extinguishers
   94.021   Fire escapes
   94.022   Fire lanes or zones
   94.023   Fire sprinkler systems
   94.024   Fire drills in schools
   94.025   Hydrant flow tests
   94.026   Fire watch details
Fire Alarms
   94.040   False fire alarms
   94.041   Tampering with fire alarm systems
   94.042   Imitating Fire Department warning devices
Food or Beverage Establishments
   94.050   Seating facilities; permitted density
   94.051   Placard stating maximum seating facilities required
   94.052   Enforcement
High Explosive Compounds
   94.075   Petroleum gas
   94.076   Bottled gas
   94.077   Dynamite, nitroglycerine and the like
Unsafe Buildings
   94.085   Order to owner to correct or improve
   94.086   Noncompliance by owner; removal by city and recovery of costs
Hazardous Conditions
   94.090   Use of torches, flame or spark producing devices
Hazardous Substances
   94.100   Definitions
   94.101   Unauthorized discharges; clean-up by city and recovery of costs
Smoking in Public Places
   94.115   Where prohibited
   94.116   Duty of person having control to enforce
   94.117   Required signs and placards
   94.118   Responsibility for lit matches, cigarettes and the like
Smoke Detectors
   94.130   Definitions
   94.131   Application of regulations
   94.132   Installation; exceptions
   94.133   Location
   94.134   Responsibility of owner or person in charge of property
Open Burning
   94.150   Policy
   94.151   Definitions
   94.152   Permit required
   94.153   Application; bond
   94.154   Nonissuance
   94.155   Revocation
   94.156   Term; renewal
   94.157   Open burn regulations
Fire Inspections
   94.170   Inspection prior to issuance of any required license or permit
   94.171   Quarterly inspections of certain systems and/or hazards
   94.172   Inspections of buildings
   94.173   Fire inspection fee, schedule, lien against property
   94.174   Procedure upon finding dangerous condition or material
   94.175   Right of entry
Administration and Enforcement
   94.200   Fire Department; powers and duties at scene of fire
   94.201   Bureau of Fire Prevention; investigation of all fires
   94.202   Records and reports; fee for copies
   94.203   Fees for training, certification courses and use of the Fire Training Facility
   94.999   Penalty