General Provisions
   51.001   Scope
   51.002   Definitions
   51.003   Service of notice; requirements
   51.010   Connection required
   51.011   Laying of service pipe to property line of owner
   51.012   Size of service connections
   51.013   Installation of larger service connections because of increase in size, number of fixtures of building being serviced
   51.014   Owner to place control valve on service pipe
   51.015   (Reserved)
Water Service Regulations
   51.030   Application for service
   51.031   Application to become binding contract upon installation of service
   51.032   Service, charges commence upon installation of service; exception
   51.033   Changes to water service rules automatically become part of service contract
   51.034   Deposit required
   51.035   Temporary service to contractors and the like
   51.036   (Reserved)
   51.037   Change of ownership or occupancy of premises
   51.038   (Reserved)
   51.039   Duty of consumer as to leaks or waste; no refunds; rate adjustment
   51.040   (Reserved)
   51.041   Fire hydrants
   51.042   Owner of premises responsible for all acts
   51.043   Connection and disconnection of service
Private Fire Service Protection
   51.060   Private fire service protection
   51.061   (Reserved)
   51.070   Meters to be furnished, installed by Public Utilities Department
   51.071   Location
   51.072   Repairs
   51.073   Reading of meters
   51.074   Testing, changing meters
   51.075   Defective meters
   51.076   (Reserved)
   51.077   Multiple units serviced by one meter
Water Supply Systems
   51.091   System to conform to city requirements
   51.092   Nonconforming system not to be connected
   51.093   Off-site water improvements
   51.094   On-site water improvements
   51.095   Service line specifications
   51.096   Fire flow; fire hydrants
Water Shortages
   51.110   Intent; purpose
   51.111   Definitions
   51.112   Application
   51.113   Amendments to water shortage plan
   51.114   Declaration of water shortage or water shortage emergency
   51.115   Enforcement
   51.116   Permanent restrictions on lawns and landscaping irrigation
   51.117   Exclusions to § 51.116
   51.118   Reserved
   51.119   Exceptions
Rates and Charges
   51.125   Tap-in fees
   51.126   Water reserve capacity charge
   51.127   Usage inside corporate limits
   51.128   Usage outside corporate limits
   51.129   Sale of water in bulk to utility companies for resale; price schedule
   51.130   Charges for connecting or disconnecting service including instances of tampering
Billing Procedures
   51.140   Bills to be paid at utility customer service office
   51.141   Billing errors on metered and unmetered service charges
   51.142   Delinquent accounts
   51.143   Abatement, deductions on metered service charges
   51.144   Proration of base charges
   51.145   Monthly billing
Cross-connection and Backflow Prevention
   51.200   Scope
   51.201   Purpose and intent
   51.202   Jurisdiction
   51.203   Definitions
   51.204   Cross-connection control plan incorporated by reference; periodic review; conflict resolution
   51.205   Backflow requirements and standards
   51.206   Responsibility for compliance
   51.207   Prohibited acts
   51.208   Inspections
   51.209   Backflow prevention device installation
   51.210   Backflow prevention assembly testing
   51.211   Backflow prevention assembly repair or replacement
   51.212   Time frames
   51.213   Emergency acts
   51.214   Enforcement
   51.999   Penalty