General Provisions
   38.01   Fiscal year
   38.02   All collected fees to be paid to Department of Financial Services
   38.03   Prohibition of price gouging
   38.04   Nuisance abatement special assessment process for costs relating to activities by the city to abate nuisances on real property
   38.10   Annual appropriation procedures for city departments, agencies
   38.11   Transfer of funds
   38.12   Nonappropriated balances
   38.13   Appropriations to charitable organizations
   38.14   Appropriation to lapse at end of year
   38.25   Accounts of Department of Financial Services
   38.26   Accounts of city officials
   38.35   Short title
   38.36   Purpose
   38.37   Definitions
   38.38   Approval authority
   38.39   Office of Procurement Services and Contract Compliance
   38.40   Chief Procurement Officer; powers and duties
   38.41   Competitive solicitations required; exceptions
   38.42   Using agency contract management responsibility
   38.43   Formal solicitation procedure
   38.44   Open market procedure
   38.45   Inspection, testing of purchased goods, supplies, materials, equipment and services
   38.46   Surplus stock
   38.47   Cooperative purchasing
   38.48   Change orders
   38.49   Termination, extension and renewal of contracts
   38.50   Purchases of real property
   38.51   Preferences for local bidders
   38.52   Protests
   38.53   Prevailing rate of wages and fringe benefits on city construction contracts
Funds and Accounts
   38.60   Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund
   38.61   (Reserved)
   38.62   Open Space and Recreational Trust Fund and Account
   38.63   Records Preservation Trust Fund and Account
   38.75   Department of Financial Services
   38.76   Director of the Department of Financial Services; powers and duties
Liens and Municipal Charge Search Request; Procedure and Fees
   38.80   Lien searches
Economic Development Programs
   38.90   Economic development ad valorem tax exemption regulations
   38.91   Local alternative economic development incentive program
   38.92   (Reserved)
   38.93   Recovery zone designation