Youth Tobacco and Marijuana
   134.001   Title
   134.002   Purpose
   134.003   Definitions
   134.004   Use of tobacco product by minors; prohibition
   134.005   Noninterference with right of parent or guardian
   134.006   Enforcement
   134.020   Prohibition
   134.021   Theaters, moving picture shows, bowling rooms and other places of amusement
   134.022   Billiard or pool halls
   134.023   Child under sixteen enrolled in a day school program
   134.024   Exceptions
   134.025   Duty of business owner/operator
   134.026   Duty of parent, legal guardian or other adult person
   134.027   Illegal to assist, aid, abet or encourage
Sale of Spray Paint
   134.040   Definition
   134.041   Illegal to possess, buy, transfer or receive possession
   134.042   Illegal for person to assist, aid, abet or encourage possession by minor
Sale of Liquor
   134.055   Furnishing alcoholic beverage without prescription to minor
   134.056   Possession of liquor by minor
   134.057   Frequenting taverns
   134.058   Lawful employment not prohibited
   134.059   Exceptions
Sale of Model Glue
   134.070   Definition
   134.071   Prohibition against inhalation
   134.072   Prohibition against possession, buying, selling transferring or receiving possession
   134.073   Exceptions
   134.074   Written consent
Movie Theaters
   134.100   Prohibiting children in theaters and other places of amusement
   134.101   Notice to be posted
   134.102   Employment of minors
   134.103   Admission
   134.104   Duty of manager or owner
Abandoned Ice Boxes and Refrigerators
   134.115   Unlawful to abandon if it contains an air-tight door or lock which may not be released for opening from the inside
   134.116   Removal of air-tight snap lock
Street Trades
   134.130   Definition
   134.131   Age limitation
   134.132   Prohibition during school hours
   134.133   Unlawful employment
   134.999   Penalty