General Provisions
   36.001   County Treasurer to collect city taxes
   36.002   Annual inventory by city executive departments
   36.003   Authority to allow and approve claims
   36.004   Filing fee required with submission of applications for tax abatement or designation of economic development target areas or economic revitalization areas
   36.005   Expenditure and quarterly report of revenue from riverboat gambling
   36.006   Pre-approved payment of certain claims
Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund
   36.020   Creation; what constitutes “capital improvement”
   36.021   Deposit and use of funds
Non-reverting Unemployment Compensation Fund
   36.035   Creation
General Obligation and Revenue Bonds
   36.045   Department of Law to perform bond legal work
Non-reverting Operating Fund for Park Purposes
   36.060   Establishment
   36.061   Deposit and use of funds
Federal and State Grants
   36.075   Approval of applications by Council required
Submission of Fiscal Policies and Plans to Common Council
   36.090   Salaries, tax levies and appropriations
   36.091   Controller to submit system of line item numbers
   36.092   Line item transfers
Itemization on Claims
   36.105   Submission of claims
   36.106   Certification
   36.107   Temporary procedure
   36.108   Notification
Public Bids
   36.120   Compliance with state law
Tax Abatements
   36.130   Issuance of tax abatements to property owners
Common Council Scholarship Fund
   36.145   Creation
   36.146   Division of donation between 2 funds
   36.147   Appropriation of income
   36.148   Application to receive funds; requirements
   36.149   Scholarship Committee
Municipal Cumulative Capital Fund
   36.160   Creation