Chapter 6.05 Dangerous Animals
   6.05.010   Public protection from animals.
   6.05.020   Permit required for dangerous animals.
   6.05.030   Definitions.
   6.05.040   Dangerous animal permit required.
   6.05.050   Application procedure.
   6.05.060   Disputed identification of domestic animal as dangerous.
   6.05.070   Permit non-transferable--void on change of location.
   6.05.080   Issuance of permit for dangerous animal.
   6.05.090   Expiration and renewal of permit.
   6.05.100   Denial of permit.
   6.05.120   Rules and Regulations.
   6.05.130   Inspection.
   6.05.140   Revocation of permit.
   6.05.150   Grounds for summary seizure and impoundment.
   6.05.160   Notice of summary seizure and impoundment.
   6.05.170   Post seizure request for hearing.
   6.05.180   Hearing following impoundment.
   6.05.190   Restrictions after permit denial or revocation.
   6.05.200   Violations.