6.05.030 Definitions.
   Unless the contrary is stated or clearly appears from the context, the following definitions shall govern the construction of the words and phrases used in this chapter.
(Ord. 552, 1989).
   A.   Dangerous animal. The term "dangerous animal" shall mean any animal, except a trained dog assisting a peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties or a food-producing animal being raised on a commercial farm or ranch, which demonstrates one or more of the following behaviors or characteristics:
   1.   An attack, without provocation, which requires a defensive action by any person to prevent bodily injury or property damage or that results in an injury to a person or property.
      2.   Any behavior, without provocation, that constitutes a physical threat of bodily harm to a person when such attack, injury or behavior occurs in a place where such person is conducting himself or herself peaceable and lawfully.
      3.   An attack, without provocation , on another animal which attack occurs off te property of the owner of the attacking animal.
      4.   An animal that creates or constitutes a menace to the public’s health or safety due to its training or inherent nature.
      5.   A dog which has scars or wounds which are attributable to fights or altercations with another domestic animal.
   B.   Animal control officer. The term “Animal Control Officer” shall mean any person, who is an employee of the City of Gridley, designated as an animal control office by the Chief of Police.
   C.   Owner. The term “owner” shall mean any person who owns or has any ownership or possessory interest in, possesses, keeps, has, maintains, or harbors an animal.
(Ord. 552, 1989).