Article 1. General Information
Chapter 17.00   Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 17.02   General Provisions
Chapter 17.03   Nonconformities
Chapter 17.04   Definitions
Chapter 17.05   Planning Entitlement Processes
Chapter 17.06   Amendments or Rezoning
Chapter 17.07   Site Development Plan (SDP)
Chapter 17.08   Conditional Use Permits
Chapter 17.09   Variances
Article 2. Zoning Map and Districts
Article 3. Agriculture District
Chapter 17.12   AR-5 Agricultural Residential District
Chapter 17.14   O-S Open Space District
Chapter 17.16   UR Urban Reserve
Article 4. Residential District
Chapter 17.21   R-S Residential Suburban District
Chapter 17.22   R-1 Single-Family Residential District
Chapter 17.25   R-2 MDR, Medium Density Residential District
Chapter 17.26   R-3 MFR, Multiple-Family Residential District
Chapter 17.27   R-4 HDR, High Density Residential District
Chapter 17.28   Residential Density Bonus
Article 5. Commercial District
Chapter 17.32   C-1 Restricted Commercial District
Chapter 17.34   C-2 General Commercial District
Chapter 17.36   Commercial Land Use by Zoning District
Article 6. Industrial, Manufacturing, Research and Development
Chapter 17.42   M-1 Limited Industrial District
Chapter 17.44   M-2 Heavy Industrial District
Chapter 17.46   M-3 Agriculture Industrial District
Article 7. Combining District
Chapter 17.52   MUCZ Mixed Use Combining Zone
Chapter 17.53   DMU Downtown Mixed Use Combining Zone
Chapter 17.54   NMU Neighborhood Mixed Use Combining Zone
Chapter 17.55   PD Planned Development District
Chapter 17.56   AO Agricultural Overlay District
Chapter 17.58   SP Special Parking Combining Zones
Chapter 17.59   HCC Highway Commercial Corridor Mixed Use Combining Zone
Article 8. Public Use District
Chapter 17.62   PQP Public and Quasi-Public District
Article 9. Development Standards
Chapter 17.72   General Use Regulations
Chapter 17.74   Performance Standards
Chapter 17.76   Off-Street Parking
Chapter 17.78   Yards
Article 10. Miscellaneous and Special Situations
Chapter 17.81   Accessory Structures
Chapter 17.82   Second Dwelling Units
Chapter 17.83   Temporary Occupancy of Mobile Homes and Recreational Vehicles
Chapter 17.84   Home Occupations
Chapter 17.85   At-Home Commercial Services in Residential Zones
Chapter 17.86   Satellite Antennas and Equipment
Chapter 17.87   Recycling Facilities
Chapter 17.88   Prohibiting Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Chapter 17.89   Special Situations