6.05.120 Rules and Regulations.
   The owner of a dangerous animal shall comply with the following rules and regulations:
   A.   When the animal is off the property of its owner, it must be restrained with a leash not to exceed three feet in length and shall be under the direct control of a responsible adult capable of restraining such animal.
   B.   The animal must be maintained so that it is not a threat to any mail carrier, sanitation worker, meter reader, or other person who has the lawful right, either by expressed or implied consent, to enter the property where the animal is kept.
   C.   The animal shall not be allowed upon any unenclosed premise unless it is leashed and controlled by a responsible adult. The animal shall not be tethered, tied or staked on any unenclosed premise.
   D.   The animal shall be kept in a fenced yard, kennel, run or enclosure approved by the Animal Control Officer and maintained in such a manner to ensure that it is always secure to keep the animal inside.
   E.   Each entrance to the property where the animal is kept shall be posted with a legible sign, conspicuous to the public, warning persons of the presence of said dangerous animal and containing an accurate description or picture thereof.
   F.   The owner shall notify all persons residing in the same household or on the same premises that the dangerous animal permit exists and of the conditions of said permit.
   G.   All local and state laws regarding the care, use, control and maintenance of animals shall be strictly complied with.
   H.   In addition to any registration tag required to be worn pursuant to this chapter, the animal shall at all times wear a separate tag issued by the Chief of Police designating it as a dangerous animal.
   I.   The dangerous animal permit number assigned to it shall, at the expense of the animal's owner or possessor, and within twenty (20) days of issuance of said permit, be tattooed upon the animal by a licensed veterinarian or person trained as a tattooist and authorized as such by any state, county or city law.
      1.   The tattoo shall be placed inside the right ear of the animal unless otherwise directed by the Chief of Police.
      2.   For the purposes of this section "tattoo" shall be defined as any permanent numbering of a dangerous animal by means of indelible or permanent ink with the permit number or any other permanent, acceptable method of tattooing approved by the Chief of Police.
   J.   Prior to the issuance of the permit, the owner shall submit to the Chief of Police proof of his or her financial responsibility to pay, at all times during the term of the permit, damages for bodily injury to or death of any person or persons which may result from the ownership, keeping or maintenance of such animal. Such proof shall be in a form satisfactory to the Chief of Police. Submission of a certificate of insurance duly executed by an insurance company or companies authorized to transact business in the State of California and certifying that the owner has in full force and effect liability insurance in a minimum amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for bodily injury to or death of any person or persons which may result from the ownership, keeping or maintenance of such animal shall be deemed satisfactory proof of financial responsibility. Any such certificate of insurance shall specify that the insurer shall advise the Chief of Police at least thirty (30) days in advance of cancellation, material change or no-renewal of such policy of insurance.
(Ord. 552, 1989).