6.05.140 Revocation of permit.
   A.   Grounds. Subject to the provisions of subsection (B) below, any dangerous animal permit issued pursuant to this chapter may be revoked by the Chief of Police if he has reasonable cause to believe any of the following is true:
      1.   The permittee, or the person caring for or having control or possession of the animal, has violated any local animal ordinance, zoning, health and safety or building ordinance or Penal Code section relating to the keeping, care or use of any animals.
      2.   The permittee or the person caring for or having control or possession of the animal has violated or allowed to be violated any rules, regulations or conditions of the dangerous animal permit.
   B.   Notice. If, after investigation, the Chief of Police concludes that one or more of the above grounds for revocation has occurred he shall cause written notice thereof to be transmitted by mail to the address of the permittee. Said notice shall specify the grounds of possible revocation of the permit and shall specify a date and time for an informal hearing to be held before the Chief of Police. Said hearing date shall not be less than five (5) days subsequent to the date the notice is mailed. After the informal hearing, the Chief of Police may modify the terms of the permit or revoke the permit.
   C.   Surrender or removal of animal. Upon written or oral notification of the revocation of a dangerous animal permit, the owner of such animal shall, within three (3) calendar days of such notification, surrender said animal to the Animal Control Officer or provide written proof to the Chief of Police in the form of a declaration under penalty of perjury that such animal has been permanently removed from the City of Gridley.
(Ord. 552, 1989).