6.05.100 Denial of permit.
   A.   Grounds. The Chief of Police may deny a dangerous animal permit in any of the following situations:
      1.   When the applicant or permit holder has willfully withheld or falsified any information required for a permit.
      2.   If the applicant or permit holder has been convicted within the past five (5) years, by a court of law, for any violation of this chapter, or any other law(s) relating to animals, in this or any other state. For purposes of this section, a forfeiture of bail shall be deemed to be a conviction of the offense charged.
      3.   Whenever the animal owner fails to allow the Animal Control Officer or other designated representative to conduct an inspection of the owner's property where the animal is kept or proposed to be kept.
      4.   Whenever the owner of the dangerous animal fails to comply with any of the rules and regulations of Section 6.05.110.
      5.   Whenever an attack against a human being by the animal has resulted in substantial injury or fatality.
   B.   Surrender or removal of animal. Upon written or oral notification being given that a dangerous animal permit has been denied, the owner of such animal shall, within three (3) calendar days of such notification, surrender said animal to the Animal Control Officer or provide written proof to the Chief of Police in the form of a declaration under penalty of perjury that such animal has been permanently removed from the City of Gridley to an identified location.
(Ord. 552, 1989)