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Article 1: Standards for Selected Uses
   5.100   General
   5.101   Ambulance dispatch station
   5.102   Appliance sales
   5.103   Assaying
   5.104   Automotive repair; paint and body shop
   5.105   Reserved
   5.106   Bed and breakfast home
   5.107   Bed and breakfast inn
   5.107A   Boarding houses
   5.108   Car wash
   5.109   Reserved
   5.110   Community home
   5.111   Day care center
   5.112   Drive-in business
   5.113   Firewood sales
   5.114   Greenhouse or plant nursery
   5.115   Group home I or II
   5.116   Hotel, motel or inn
   5.116.B   Industrialized housing
   5.116.A   Home occupations
   5.117   Kennel
   5.118   Kindergarten
   5.119   Reserved
   5.120   Manufacturing
   5.121   Metal casting
   5.122   Metal foundry or fabrication plant
   5.123   Metal stamping, dyeing, shearing or punching
   5.124   Newspaper distribution center
   5.125   Pawnshop
   5.126   Print center, commercial
   5.127   Probation or parole office
   5.128   Recording studio
   5.129   Recreational vehicle park
   5.130   Recycling collection facility
   5.131   Sheet metal shop
   5.132   Stable, commercial
   5.133   Storage, non accessory outside
   5.134   Store, large retail
   5.135   Swimming pool, commercial
   5.136   Telecommunications antenna
   5.137   Telecommunications tower and stealth telecommunication tower
   5.138   Theater, movie theater or auditorium
   5.139   Terminal: truck, freight, rail or water
   5.140   Utility transmission tower or distribution line; natural gas compressor stations
   5.141   Vehicle junkyard
   5.142   Veterinary clinic
   5.143   Warehouse or bulk storage
   5.144   Fresh water fracture ponds
   5.145   Farmers’ market
   5.146   Urban agriculture and community gardens
   5.147   Halfway houses
   5.148   Horse, dog or automotive racing
   5.149   Landfill, waste transfer station, government recycling drop off center, recycling center with outdoor processing and stockpiling, household hazardous waste or waste tire facility
   5.150   Mining, quarrying, dredging or excavation
   5.151   Small box discount store
Article 2: Sexually Oriented Businesses
   5.200   Regulations affecting all sexually oriented businesses; purpose and intent
   5.201   Classifications
   5.202   Prohibited locations of any type of sexually oriented business
   5.203   Specialized certificate of occupancy
   5.204   Employee background checks
   5.205   General regulations for sexually oriented businesses
   5.206   Conduct of employees
   5.207   Hours of operation
   5.208   Interior of the of sexually oriented businesses
   5.209   Exterior appearance of sexually oriented businesses
   5.210   Sign requirements
   5.211   Additional regulations for adult entertainment cabarets
   5.212   Additional regulations for escort agencies
   5.213   Additional regulations for outcall businesses
   5.214   Additional regulations for nude modeling businesses
   5.215   Additional regulations for adult theaters and adult motion picture theaters
   5.216   Additional regulations for adult motel
   5.217   Additional regulations for adult arcades
   5.218   Display of sexually explicit material to minors
   5.219   Enforcement
   5.220   Revocation
   5.221   Injunction
Article 3: Accessory Uses
   5.300   General
   5.301   Accessory uses on residential lots
   5.302   Accessory uses on nonresidential lots
   5.303   Reserved
   5.304   Reserved
   5.305   Fences
   5.306   Storage or display in commercial districts, outdoor
   5.307   Large animals
   5.308   Docks, piers and boathouses
Article 4: Temporary Uses
   5.400   Amusement, outdoor (temporary)
   5.401   Batch plant, asphalt or concrete (temporary)
   5.402   Garage or other occasional sale
   5.403   Model home
   5.404   Residence for security purposes, temporary
   5.405   Portable trailer - residential sales, construction or related storage
   5.406   Mobile vendors