General Provisions
   150.01   Adoption of Kentucky Building Code, Kentucky Residential Code, Kentucky Electric Code, and Standards of Safety
   150.02   Adoption of International Property Maintenance Code
Additional Building Code Provisions
   150.10   [Reserved]
   150.11   Enforcement by Building Inspector
   150.12   Permit fees
   150.13   Occupancy permit requirements
   150.14   Height restrictions on aerials, towers and antennas
   150.15   Tracking of foreign matter from construction sites
   150.16   Removal of foreign matter by city; lien
Additional Electrical Code Provisions
   150.25   Administration and enforcement of Electrical Code
   150.26   License required
   150.27   Reciprocal enforcement
   150.28   Exemptions
Additional Standards of Safety
   150.40   Application to single-family dwellings
   150.41   Enforcement of Standards of Safety
   150.42   Powers of State Fire Marshall
Additional Plumbing Code Provisions
   150.50   Permit required; application
Additional Property Maintenance Code Provisions
   150.60   Amendments to Property Maintenance Code
   150.61   Effect of adoption of Code
   150.62   Administration and enforcement of Code
   150.99   Penalty