Chap. 1320.  Property Maintenance Code.
Chap. 1325.  Building Numbering.
Chap. 1329.  Nuisances.
Property Maintenance Code
1320.01   Definitions.
1320.02   General.
1320.03   Applicability.
1320.04   Duties and powers of the Code Officer as pertains to this Code.
1320.05   Modifications.
1320.06   Notices and orders.
1320.07   Unsafe structures.
1320.08   Emergency measures.
1320.09   Stop work order.
1320.10   Demolition.
1320.11   Means of appeal.
1320.12   Exterior property areas.
1320.13   Mechanical and electrical requirements.
1320.14   Heating facilities.
1320.15   Mechanical equipment.
1320.16   Electrical facilities and equipment.
1320.17   Elevators and dumbwaiters.
1320.18   Plumbing facilities and fixture requirements.
1320.19   Health.
1320.20   Fire.
1320.21   Installation of sidewalks.
1320.22   Vacant buildings.
1320.23   Procedure for assurance of compliance.
1320.24   Referenced standards.
Nuisance - see BLDG. 1329
EDITOR’S NOTE: Terms not defined in this chapter, but defined in any other official code i.e. International Building Code, International Fire Code, International Zoning Code, international Plumbing Code, Ohio Revised Code, Hardin County Code, Forest Code, International Mechanical Code or ICC Electrical Code shall have the meaning ascribed to them by those codes.