(a)   Application for appeal:  Any person directly affected by a decision of the Code Officer has the right to appeal that decision with the Board of Appeals.  That appeal must be in writing and filed with the Village of Forest within 30 days of the decision.
   (b)   Membership on the Board of Appeals: Appointments to the Board of Appeals shall be made by the Mayor of the Village of Forest with the consent of Council. 
   (c)   Disqualification of Member:  standing member may not hear an appeal if they have a personal, professional or financial interest in the situation.
   (d)   Secretary: The Code Officer shall serve as Secretary to the Board of Appeals and file a detailed record of all proceedings with the Mayor and Village Council.
   (e)   Hearings:  The Board of Appeals shall meet and conduct a hearing upon notice from the Chairperson.  This hearing shall be within 20 days of the filing of the appeal.  All hearings shall be open to the public and any  person with a direct interest may address the Board.
   (f)   Hearings Procedure:  The Board shall adopt and make available to the public, hearing procedures.  At least two  board members must be present to conduct a hearing and in the absence of a full board, the applicant or their representative may request that the hearing be postponed. 
   (g)   Hearing Decision:  To reverse or modify the decision of the Code Officer requires a majority vote of the board.  The decision  of the board shall be recorded with copies to the appellant and Village of Forest, followed by immediate action in accordance with the board's Decision by the Code Officer.
   (h)   Court Review:  Any person shall have the right to file an appeal with the appropriate court, regarding the Board of Appeals decision.
(Ord. 1917.  Passed 8-10-17.)