(a)   A questionnaire shall be distributed to each owner of rental or leased properties in the Village of Forest annually and returned to the Village Administrative Offices within 10 days of receipt of questionnaire.  (Attached)
   (b)   Following review of the questionnaires, an inspection may be required by the Code Officer or their representative for follow up on any perceived problems.  This shall occur within 30 days of the review of questionnaires.
   (c)   The Property Maintenance Code for the Village of Forest, Ohio is available for view in its entirety by contacting the village offices.
   (d)   Penalties for violation of this Code are misdemeanor of the fourth degree for the  first offense, third degree misdemeanor for the second offense and misdemeanor of the second degree for the third and subsequent offenses.  Each day of violation or failure to comply shall constitute a separate offense.
   (e)   Please take this matter seriously and have your structure/property registered as soon as possible to avoid any legal action against you.
   (f)   Enclosed is a registration form that you will need to fill out and return to the village offices as soon as possible.  Should you have more than one property that is vacant, list them in the extra spaces provided. (Ord. 1917.  Passed 8-10-17.)
Please complete this form for each vacant property address.  Temporary exemptions for disaster affected properties, structures under active construction, properties listed with a licensed realtor in the State of Ohio, or a vacant property that is being marketed MAY be approved upon a written request.
Section I:  Address(es) of Vacant Property/Building (REQUIRED)
Street Address(es):                                                                                                       
Section II: Property Owner Information (REQUIRED)
Property Owners Name:                                                                                               
Owners Address:                                                                                                         
Mailing Address (if different than above):                                                                       
City:                                                    State:                    Zip Code:                       
Telephone Number:                                          FAX Number:                                       
E-MAIL Address:                                                                                                           
Owner and Designated Local Agent (if owner is outside of local area), please complete the following:
Designated Agent or Contact Person:                                                                             
City:                                                    State:                    Zip Code:                           
Telephone Number:                                          FAX Number:                                       
E-MAIL Address:                                                                                                         
Section III: Attach Vacant Building Plan (Required)
I hereby submit an attached plan (please circle): Demolition/Secure Vacancy/Rehabilitation
Section IV:  Fees (Required)
Contact Village Offices for fees information.  419-273-2500.
Section V: Request for Exemption (if applicable):
Request for exemption must be received within 10 calendar days of receiving notification to register.  Identify for each property the exemptions that you are requesting.  Provide  supporting documentation to support the request.
  Exemption Request due to:            Required Documentation:
  Property is not vacant         ____   Lease Agreement         ____
  Property is under active construction   ____   Copies of active building permits   ____
  Property is listed with a licensed realtor   ____   Copy of listing agreement      ____
  Fire/storm damaged         ____   Date of event            ____
  Other               ____   Narrative            ____
   Additional documentation required when requesting exemption:
   List of other properties owned in the Village of Forest      ____
   Information on the length of time structure has been vacant   ____
   Has property been the subject of any Property Maintenance
   Code Violations?                  Yes   ____   No   ____
I, ___________________________ hereby request (to register ____, an exemption ____) the vacant property/ structure listed above and acknowledge that the information is complete and accurate.  I have read and understand the Property Maintenance Code for owning vacant property in the Village of Forest and agree to comply with these requirements.  In accordance with this Code, I agree to notify any future owner of this vacant property registration.
_______________________________________   ______________________________
Applicants Signature               Date