(a)   Mechanical Equipment:  All mechanical equipment, fireplaces and solid fuel-burning appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe working condition.  Equipment shall be capable and specified to perform the intended function.  It shall be accessible at all times.
   (b)   Cooking and heating equipment:  All cooking and heating equipment and accessories shall be maintained in proper working order and be free from leaks and obstructions.
   (c)   Flues:  All fuel burning equipment and appliances shall be connected to an approved chimney or vent unless approved and labeled for unvented operation.
   (d)   Safety Controls:  All safety controls for fuel burning equipment shall be maintained in proper order and clearance to combustible material maintained.
   (e)   Combustion Air:  An air supply for complete combustion of the fuel source and ventilation of the space shall be provided for all fuel burning equipment.
   (f)   Energy Conservation Devices:  Devices meant to reduce fuel consumption by attachment to a fuel burning appliance, supply line or venting system shall be installed properly and labeled.  (Ord. 1917.  Passed 8-10-17.)