(a)   Registration: All vacant buildings within the Village of Forest shall register such structure with the office of the Code Officer not later than 90 days after it becomes a vacant structure or not later than 30 days after being notified by the Code Officer of the requirement to register based on evidence of vacancy.
   (b)   The Registration Form shall be available at the Village Offices.
   (c)   Demolition: If the structure is to be demolished, a demolition plan indicating the proposed time frame for demolition which includes starting within 30 days of the acceptance of the proposed timeline and does not exceed one year in accordance with the Ohio Building Code.
   (d)   Structure to Remain Vacant: Submit a plan for ensuring the structure is secured in accordance with all applicable building and fire codes along with the procedure that will be used to maintain the property and a statement of the reasons that the structure will remain vacant.
   (e)   Structure to be returned to Appropriate Occupancy or Use: Submit to the Code Officer rehabilitation plans for the structure and grounds.  The timeline for completion shall not exceed 12 months from the time of receiving permits, unless the Code Officer grants an extension.  All repairs, improvements or alterations to the property must comply with applicable zoning, housing, historic restoration or building codes and the property must be secured during the rehabilitation.
   (f)   Changes in Information:  The owner shall notify the Code Officer of any changes in information of their vacant structure registration within 30 days of the change.  Any revision to the plan or time table must be submitted in writing and meet the approval of the Code Officer.
   (g)   Transfer of Ownership: The new owner shall register/re-register a vacant structure with the Code Officer within 30 days of any transfer of ownership interest.  The new owner shall comply with the approved plan and time table submitted by the previous owner until any proposed changes are submitted and approved by the Code Officer.
   (h)   Penalty:  Failure of the owner or any subsequent owners to maintain the structure(s) and premises that result in remedial action shall be subject to any applicable penalties provided by law.
   (i)   Duration:  The registration and all associated processes must be completed in its entirety annually for as long as the structure remains vacant.
   (j)   Records: The Code Officer shall maintain a record of any property specific written statements from community organizations, other interested parties or citizens regarding the history, problems, status or blighting influence of vacant structures.  Such records shall become part of the permanent record pertaining to such property.
(Ord. 1917.  Passed 8-10-17.)