Moving or Demolition of Buildings; Unsafe Buildings; Board of Demolition Appeals
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Reference should also be made to Chapter 37 of the Dwelling House Code (see Chapter 1303 herein).
1391.01   Application for moving.
1391.02   Bond for moving.
1391.03   Permit required for moving.
1391.04   Application for moving permit.
1391.05   Refusal of moving permit.
1391.06   Application for demolition; bond.
1391.07   Demolition permit issuance.
1391.08   Application for demolition permit.
1391.09   Conditions required during demolition.
1391.10   Time to complete demolition.
1391.11   Authority of Building Inspector.
1391.115   Declaration of necessity.
1391.12   Unsafe buildings.
1391.121   Unsafe buildings; nuisances.
1391.122   Standards for repair, vacation, demolition; barricading.
1391.123   Duties of the Chief Building Official.
1391.124   Notices and service.
1391.125   Demolition Board of Appeals.
1391.126   Emergency cases.
1391.127   Separability.
1391.13   Barricades; warning lights.
1391.14   Removal of fire damaged structures; repair securing fund.
1391.99   Penalty.
   Power to regulate demolition of buildings - see CHTR. § 3.08g.
   Destruction, replacement of barricades or warning lights - see GEN. OFF. 521.03
   Abatement of public nuisances - see GEN. OFF. 521.10
   Moving buildings into Fire Limits - see BLDG. 1385.03