Any person wishing to remove, raze or demolish any building or structure in the City shall make application in writing to the Director of Safety-Service or his designated agent for permission to do so and shall include in the application a statement stating the place at which any combustible waste material shall be deposited. No permit shall be granted until notice of the application thereof has been given to the owners of lots adjoining the lot upon which such building or structure is to be removed, razed or demolished and the owners have been given an opportunity to be heard on such application. The applicant shall execute and deliver to the City a proper bond in an amount as will indemnify and save harmless the City from all damages whatsoever, personal or property, resulting from such removing, razing or demolishing. If the combustible waste materials are to be deposited within the City limits, the person making such application shall first acquire a permit from the Fire Chief for the disposition of the combustible waste materials.
(Ord. 61-160. Passed 12-4-61.)