The Chief Building Official or his representative shall:
   (a)   Inspect any building or structure about which complaints are filed by any person to the effect that said building or structure is or may be existing in violation of this chapter.
   (b)   Inspect any building or structure reported (as herein provided for) by the Fire or Police Departments of this City as probably existing in violation of the terms of this chapter.
   (c)   Notify or, if actual notice is not possible or practicable, attempt to notify, any owner, occupant, lessee, mortgagee, agent, and all other persons having a substantial interest (not including tax lien holders) in such building pursuant to Section 1391.124, as shown by the records of the Lorain County Recorder, of any building determined to be an unsafe building within the standards set forth in Section 1391.115 or 1391.122 that:
      (1)   The owner must vacate, barricade, repair, and/or demolish said building and/or public nuisance in accordance with the terms of the notice and this chapter.
      (2)   The occupant or lessee must vacate said building or may have it repaired in accordance with the notice and remain in possession.
      (3)   The mortgagee, agent or other person having an interest in said building, as shown by the records of the Lorain County Recorder, may, at his own risk, repair, barricade or demolish said building or facilitate same.
      Any person notified under this subsection (c) to repair, barricade, demolish and/or vacate any building shall be given 30 days from the date of notification provided pursuant to Section 1391.124 to complete or facilitate completion of the required act.
   (d)   Set forth in the notice provided for in subsection (c) hereof a description of the building or structure deemed unsafe, a statement of the particulars which make the building or structure an unsafe building, and an order requiring the building or structure to be put in such a condition as to comply with the terms of this chapter within 30 days from the date of notice and pursuant to Section 1391.124.
   (e)   Post a notice on all unsafe buildings, reading as follows:
      “This building has been found to be an Unsafe Building by the Chief Building Official. This Notice is to remain on this building until it is repaired, barricaded, vacated, and/or demolished in accordance to the Notice provided the owner, occupant, lessee, mortgagee or agent of this building, and all other persons having an interest in such building as shown by the records of the Lorain County Recorder. It is unlawful to remove this Notice until such Notice is complied with.”
   (f)   In the case where the Chief Building Official provides notice to barricade an unsafe building, the owner must provide and place on said building, at his expense, barricades on all doors, windows and openings on said building so that there exists no ingress into the building by any member of the public. The owner shall further post in conspicuous places that said building is closed and shall post “No Trespassing” signs.
(Ord. 2013-68. Passed 6-3-13.)