(a)   The City Engineering Division is responsible for reviewing the subdivision improvement plan prepared for the subdivision by the private engineering firm employed by the developer to determine if the plans meet the requirements of these Regulations. The inspection of the construction improvements shall be either under the supervision of the City Engineer or a licensed engineer registered to practice in the State of Ohio, who shall certify that the construction, to the best of his or her knowledge, was completed in conformance to the approved plan.
   (b)   After tentative approval of the dedication of the plan by the Planning Commission, as adopted by the Commission, the following procedure shall be followed:
      (1)   The engineer of the subdivision shall consult the Division of Engineering as to the engineering details required.
   Upon completion of the construction drawings, two copies of the drawings shall be transmitted to the Division of Engineering for review as to the engineering details involved in the development and shown on such drawings. However, as set forth in Section 1115.02, the subdivider is required to make a deposit to cover charges for the review of the  engineering details before a drawing or plan will be considered.
      (2)   After the plan has been reviewed by the Engineering Division, and other required agencies, and the design details and requirements have been met, the Commission shall be notified as such by letter.
   Once the Commission has granted tentative approval, the engineer for the subdivision shall submit four copies of such preliminary plan. 
      (3)   Upon completion of all improvements shown on the preliminary plan, and of such improvements as are required by City regulations, or upon posting of an approved performance bond covering any incomplete construction, a final plan shall be submitted to the City Engineer for checking of technical details.
      (4)   The final plan, signed by the City Engineer, together with the Safety-Service Director, regarding completion of the improvements, shall be transmitted to the Commission.
      (5)   After final approval of the final plat by the Commission, the Plat shall be signed by the Chairperson and returned to the City Engineer.
      (6)   Upon passage of an ordinance by the City accepting the dedication of streets and easements, as shown on the final subdivision plat within the City, the streets and walkways in the subdivision shall become public rights-of-way.
      (7)   Before any subdivision plan or construction plan is given final approval, the subdivider or developer shall have executed a subdivider's agreement with the City or any other applicable city or County department, acting through the City Engineer as its agent. A performance guarantee or other guarantee acceptable to the City Law Director shall be established by the developer before authorization of any construction. In lieu of a performance bond, a certified check in the amount of one-half of the estimated construction cost may be accepted. Upon final approval of the construction plans, three sets of prints shall be required for use by the City Engineer.
   If the subdivider wishes to install his or her improvements before the subdivision plan is approved by the Commission, or is recorded, he or she shall comply with the requirements of both the preliminary plan and the final subdivision plat. Certification by a registered engineer that improvements have been built to plans and specifications which are to be filed with and approved by the proper City or County office shall be required, or a performance bond or other guarantee or security in lieu thereof.
(Ord. 97-297.  Passed 12-15-97.)