No person shall operate, cause to be operated or permit the installation of an alarm system, unless a current permit has been issued by the Safety-Service Director for such system. However, this section shall not be applicable to an alarm system business which monitors, services or monitors and services an alarm system installed and designed to protect property under the control of a person other than the alarm system business, but the person in control of the property which the alarm system is designed to protect shall be subject to prosecution if he or she permits the operation of such system without a valid permit.
   The person in control of the property shall obtain a separate permit for each alarm system on so much of the premises that is under the direct control of the applicant for the permit. A separate permit shall be obtained for hold-up alarms, burglar alarms and fire alarms.
   For purposes of the fees set forth in Section 703.07, an alarm system means and includes all alarms operated under one permit.
(Ord. 87-193. Passed 6-1-87.)