Smoke Detectors
1394.01   Installations in new residences.
1394.02   Installations in existing residences with two or more dwelling units.
1394.03   Installations in sleeping rooms of dormitories and rooming houses.
1394.04   Installations in dwelling units.
1394.05   Installations in common areas.
1394.06   Annunciator panels.
1394.07   Visible devices for the hearing impaired.
1394.08   Detector specifications.
1394.09   Installation specifications.
1394.10   Approval of installation plans; registration.
1394.11   Testing and maintenance of detectors and alarm systems.
1394.12   Conditions of compliance.
1394.13   Destroying or tampering with detectors and alarm systems.
1394.14   Time limit for correction of violations.
1394.99   Penalty.
   Smoke detector systems for apartment buildings - see Ohio R.C. 3781.104
   Alarm systems - see BUS. REG. Ch. 703
   Ohio Fire Code - see FIRE PREV. Ch. 1502
   Fire alarms - see FIRE PREV. 1505.02
   Negligently causing fires - see FIRE PREV. 1505.04