Alarm Systems
703.01   Definitions.
703.02   Permit required.
703.03   Permit applications.
703.04   Amendments to permit applications.
703.05   Systems installed prior to effective date; operation without valid permit.
703.06   Validity of permits; transfers of property.
703.07   Permit fees.
703.08   Nontransferability of permits.
703.09   Permits to be kept at alarm site for inspection.
703.10   Responsibilities of persons in control of property.
703.11   Repairs. (Repealed)
703.12   Access or assistance to Police and Fire Divisions.
703.13   Installations.
703.14   Registration of businesses with Police and Fire Divisions.
703.15   Changes of licensed managers and telephone numbers of personnel.
703.16   Information provided to Safety- Service Director.
703.17   Responsibilities of alarm system businesses re maintenance and service.
703.18   Central stations and telephone answering services.
703.19   Intentional activation of alarm systems.
703.20   Charges for response to alarm; false alarms.
703.21   Revocation of permits.
703.22   Written revocation notice to permit holder; hearing.
703.23   Requirements after revocation.
703.24   Inspection requests. (Repealed)
703.99   Penalty.
   Police Division - see ADM. Ch. 135
   Fire Division - see ADM. Ch. 137
   Theft alarms - see TRAF. 337.19
   False alarms - see GEN. OFF. 509.06, 509.07
   Fire alarms - see BLDG. Ch. 1394; FIRE PREV. 1505.02