Trees, Weeds and Grasses
553.01   Trees, etc., overhanging public property.
553.02   Removal of weeds by owner or occupant; five days notice.
553.03   Removal of trees, weeds, grasses by Municipality.
553.04   Assessment of costs by Municipality.
553.05   Tree and shrub permits required.
553.06   Protection of trees, shrubs and plants; determination of hazardous or inappropriate species of trees.
553.07   Arboricultural standards.
553.08   Tree lawn planting.
553.09   Tree Board; appeals.
553.10   Permitted trees for smaller size areas.
553.11   Permitted trees for medium size areas.
553.12   Permitted trees for larger size areas.
553.13   Tree lawn defined.
553.99   Penalty.
   Injury or destruction of trees and growing products - see GEN. OFF. 541.06