Title, Purpose, Construction and Scope
   154.001   Enacting clause
   154.002   Conflict with other laws
   154.003   Validity and severability clause
   154.004   Period of effectiveness
   154.005   Repeal of ordinance
   154.006   Effective date
   154.020   Definitions
   154.021   Illustrations of terms
Establishment of Zoning Districts
   154.035   Zoning districts
   154.036   Zoning district map
   154.037   Agricultural District (AG)
   154.038   Single-Family Residential District (R-1)
   154.039   Mobile Home Park District (RMH)
   154.040   Multiple-Family Residential District (RM)
   154.041   Commercial District (C)
   154.042   Industrial District (I)
   154.043   Industrial performance standards
   154.044   Schedule of regulations
   154.045   Special land uses
Outdoor Sign Regulations
   154.060   Intent
   154.061   Definitions
   154.062   Administration
   154.063   General conditions
   154.064   Permitted freestanding signs
   154.065   Permitted wall signs
   154.066   Permitted marquee signs
   154.067   Interior window signs
   154.068   Permitted temporary signs
   154.069   Nonconforming signs
   154.070   Enforcement
   154.071   Appeals
Off-Street Parking Requirements
   154.085   Off-street parking requirements
Site Plan Review
   154.100   Site plan review required in specific districts
   154.101   When site plan review is required
   154.102   Preliminary site plan
   154.103   Final site plan
   154.104   Criteria of final site plan review
   154.105   Information required on final site plan
   154.106   Notice of action or recommendation
   154.107   Building permits and conformity to final site plan
   154.108   Expiration of approval
Site Condominium Project Regulations
   154.120   Site condominium project regulations
Wireless Communications Facilities
   154.135   Wireless communications facilities
Planned Residential Developments
   154.150   Planned residential developments
Conflicting Land Use Buffer
   154.165   Conflicting land use buffer
Child Care Regulations
   154.180   Child care regulations
Bed and Breakfast Regulations
   154.195   Bed and breakfast regulations
Visibility at Intersections
   154.210   Visibility at intersections
Swimming Pools
   154.225   Swimming pools
Storage of Materials
   154.240   Storage of materials
Home Occupation
   154.255   Home occupation
Fences, Walls and Other Protective Barriers
   154.270   Fences, walls and other protective barriers
Essential Services
   154.285   Essential services
Private Roads
   154.300   Intent
   154.301   Definitions
   154.302   General access and permit requirements
   154.303   Application for permit requirements
   154.304   Design standards
   154.305   Minimum requirements and specifications chart
   154.306   Permit approval process
   154.307   Inspection
   154.308   Expiration of approval permits
   154.309   Recording of easements and certificate of completion
   154.310   Certificate of occupancy
   154.311   Variances
   154.325   Purpose
   154.326   Administration
   154.327   Duties of Zoning Inspector
   154.328   Zoning compliance permits
   154.329   Certificate of occupancy, final inspection
   154.330   Fees, charges and expenses
Board of Appeals
   154.345   Board of Appeals established
   154.346   Duties of the Board of Appeals
   154.347   Variance
   154.348   Interpretation of zoning chapter
   154.349   Appeals to the Board of Appeals
Amendment Procedures
   154.360   Initiating amendments and fee
   154.361   Amendment procedures
   154.362   Conformance to court decree
   154.999   Penalty