(A)   An ordinance adopted under authority of, and in accordance with the provisions of the Township Rural Zoning Act, Public Act 184 of 1943, being M.C.L.A. §§ 125.271 through 125.301, as amended, (and under authority of M.C.L.A. §§ 125.3801 et seq.) to provide for the establishment, regulation and administration of zoning districts in the unincorporated portions of the township of such areas and locations as are deemed best suited to carry out the objectives of the township within which districts the proper use of land and waste of natural resources is encouraged and regulated, and the improper use of land and waste of natural resources prohibited; and within which districts the use of buildings, structures and land for agriculture, recreation, residence, industry, trade or other specified uses are encouraged, regulated or prohibited; and within which districts provisions are made to regulate and limit the height and bulk of buildings and other structures; to regulate and to determine minimum size of yards, courts and open spaces; to regulate and limit the density of population; to regulate and determine minimum sanitary, safety and protective measures; and to provide for the uniformity of such provisions for each class of land or buildings, dwellings and structures throughout each district; and to provide for administering of the chapter; and to provide for conflicts in other ordinances or regulations; and to provide penalties for violations; and to provide for appeals; and to provide for repeal of ordinances in conflict herewith; and to provide for any other matters authorized by the above mentioned Township Rural Zoning Act; and
   (B)   To avoid undue hardship, nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to require a change in the plans, construction or designated use of any building or structure on which actual construction was lawfully begun prior to the effective date of adoption or amendment of this chapter, provided that construction shall be completed within 365 days from such effective date and be subject thereafter to the provisions of § 154.347.
(Ord. 1, passed 11-13-2000, § 1.1)