(A)   A home occupation shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling unit for residential purposes.
   (B)   The following additional conditions shall be observed.
      (1)   Such home occupation shall be carried on within the dwelling or within a building accessory thereto and entirely by the inhabitants thereof.
      (2)   No article shall be sold or offered for sale on the premises except such as is produced within the dwelling or accessory building or is provided incidental to the service or profession conducted within the dwelling or accessory building.
      (3)   There shall be no exterior storage of materials or equipment.
      (4)   Adequate off street parking shall be provided in accordance with § 154.085 and as specified by the Township Planning Commission.
      (5)   No more than one person, other than family occupying the dwelling, shall be employed.
(Ord. 1, passed 11-13-2000, § 16.1)