§ 154.060  INTENT.
   (A)   The intent of this subchapter is to regulate the location, size, construction and manner of display of signs and outdoor advertising in order to minimize their harmful effects on the public health, safety and welfare. While these regulations recognize that signs and outdoor advertising are necessary to promote commerce and public information, failure to regulate them may lead to poor identification of individual businesses, deterioration and blight of the business and residential areas of the township, conflicts between different types of land use, and reduction in traffic safety to pedestrians and motorists.
   (B)   To achieve its intended purpose, this subchapter has the following objectives:
      (1)   To prevent the placement of signs in a manner that will conceal or obscure other signs or adjacent businesses;
      (2)   To keep the number of signs and sign messages at the level reasonably necessary to identify a business and its products or services;
      (3)   To keep signs within a reasonable scale with respect to the buildings they identify;
      (4)   To reduce visual distraction and obstructions to motorists traveling along, entering or leaving streets;
      (5)   To promote a quality manner of display which enhances the character of the township; and
      (6)   To prevent the proliferation of temporary signs which might promote visual blight.
(Ord. 1, passed 11-13-2000, § 4.1)