Chapter 3.20
   3.20.020   Asset forfeiture fund.
   3.20.030   Central stores fund.
   3.20.040   Community economic development fund.
   3.20.050   Community development program nonreverting fund.
   3.20.060   Cumulative capital development fund.
   3.20.070   Cumulative capital improvement fund.
   3.20.080   Cumulative firefighting building and equipment fund.
   3.20.110   Cash reserve fund.
   3.20.120   Special nonreverting capital fund for parks.
   3.20.130   Nonreverting operating fund created for parks and recreation department.
   3.20.140   Columbus telecommunications nonreverting fund.
   3.20.150   Mayor authorized to budget.
   3.20.160   Promotional account--Expenditures.
   3.20.170   Claim procedure.
   3.20.180   Police pension fund.
   3.20.190   Fire pension fund.
   3.20.200   Sewage works cash reserve fund.
   3.20.210   Storm sewer nonreverting fund.
   3.20.220   Municipal transit nonreverting capital equipment purchase and replacement fund.
   3.20.230   Capital fund for airport runway resurfacing.
   3.20.240   Abandoned vehicle account.
   3.20.250   Escrow account for art work.
   3.20.260   Committee for arts.
   3.20.270   Medic One fund.
   3.20.280   HUD fair housing substantial equivalency nonreverting fund.
   3.20.290   Neutering account established in the escrow account.
   3.20.300   Economic development program nonreverting fund.
   3.20.310   Nonreverting fund for law enforcement continuing education.
   3.20.320   Nonreverting fund for the implementation of a self-insurance fund.
   3.20.330   Rainy day fund.
   3.20.340   The commons capital nonreverting fund.
   3.20.350   Cumulative capital development fund.
   3.20.360   Receipt of fees fund.
   3.20.370   LOIT special distribution fund.
   3.20.380   State road46 overpass non-reverting fund.
   3.20.390   Columbus fire nonreverting fund.
   3.20.400   Substance abuse nonreverting fund.
   3.20.410   Public safety local income tax nonreverting fund.
    *    Editor's note: Due to state law, the provisions of Sections 3.20.010 and 3.20.100 have been removed from the code. Section 3.20.310 contains the current requirements. The provisions of Section 3.20.090 have been added to Section 3.20.080, which contains the current requirements. These changes were made at the direction of the city clerk-treasurer.