3.20.020 Asset forfeiture fund.
   A.   Establishment and Handling of Moneys Received. A fund known as the asset forfeiture fund of the police department is established for the purpose of accounting for money received and to be received from cash and/or cash proceeds as outlined above. The clerk-treasurer shall deposit such money received therefrom and keep a record of such amounts received and disbursed therefrom for purposes described herein.
   B.   Disbursements From Fund. All moneys received and to be received for uses of the purposes described herein shall be deposited, held and secured, and paid upon claim properly filed by the chief of police with the clerk-treasurer  on forms furnished for that purpose, and approved upon said claim being presented to, and allowed by, the board of public works and safety all pursuant to Indiana statute. The handling and expenditure of such money shall be subject to audit and supervision by the Indiana State Board of Accounts. (Ord. dated 4/16/91)