3.20.280 HUD fair housing substantial equivalency nonreverting fund.
   A.   A HUD fair housing substantial equivalency nonreverting fund is established to accept all grants from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or other agencies, moneys from any other source directed to this fund, appropriations or proceeds from appropriations by any governmental body, fees, donations, gifts, settlements and awards, refunds, service agreements, interest on investments from money originating or deposited in this fund, and all other miscellaneous sources which either directly or indirectly relate to the purposes of this fund.
   B.   Moneys from this fund shall be paid upon request, after appropriation and approval of the board of works and public safety, to the human rights commission from time to time in support of fair housing enforcement; fair housing training for human rights commissioners, human rights staff and the general public; fair housing outreach; fair housing publicity; fair housing research; and other activities designed to promote the goals of the Type I fair housing assistance program, as designated in the grant contracts.
   C.   Money deposited in this fund shall not revert to the general fund. (Prior code § 7-63)