3.20.190 Fire pension fund.
   A.   A fire pension fund is continued for the city to be administered by a board of trustees pursuant to Indiana Code, 36-8-7-1 et seq., as to the 1937 fund, and Indiana Code, 36-8-8-1 et seq., as to the 1977 fund.
   B.   The board of trustees shall be composed of seven trustees as provided by applicable state law.
   C.   The duties, powers and responsibilities of the board of trustees of the fire pension fund shall be those provided by law. (Prior code § 7-34)
   D.   Firefighters hired by the city under any pension play before the 1977 fund converted to the 1977 fund shall have the same enrollment requirements and drop benefits as firefighters hired under the 1977 fund. (Prior code §§ 7-35, 7-36)  (Ord. 05-16, 2005)