3.20.130 Nonreverting operating fund created for parks and recreation department.
   A.   There is created, to be under the control of the board of parks and recreation, a special nonreverting operating fund, as authorized by Indiana Code, 36-10-3-22.
   1.   Moneys in the form of fees from various activities, including concessions, shall be deposited daily in a local financial institution and be receipted at least once each week with the city clerk-treasurer.
   2.   Fees from golf courses, swimming pools, skating rinks or other major facilities requiring major expenditures for management and maintenance may, if so designated by the common council, be deposited into this fund.
   B.   Expenditures may be made from this fund to pay approved claims. Expenditures may only be made if previously appropriated by the board of parks and recreation. For purposes of this section, a claim, to be approved, must have been reviewed and allowed by the board of parks and recreation and signed by the president and secretary, or board member(s) authorized to act on behalf of the president and/or secretary, of the board.
   C.   At the end of the year, the clerk-treasurer shall, if directed by the board of parks and recreation transfer all or a portion of any surplus moneys in this fund to the parks and recreation general fund. (Prior code § 7-22)