General Provisions
   94.001   Title
   94.002   Purpose
   94.003   Applicability
   94.004   Adoption of Fire Prevention Codes
   94.005   Administration
   94.006   Enforcement authority
   94.007   Inspections
   94.008   Right of entry
   94.009   Violations; order to correct
   94.010   Administrative appeals
   94.011   Remedies
   94.012   Review and final inspection of site plans
   94.013   Review of building plans and certificate of occupancy
   94.014   On-site fire protection–plans and connections
   94.015   On-site fire protection–water supply
   94.016   On-site fire protection–fire hydrants
   94.017   Obstruction of fire fighting appliances
   94.018   Portable fire extinguishers
   94.019   Operations at fires or other emergencies
   94.020   Emergency responder coverage in new buildings
Fire Lanes
   94.040   Fire lanes established
   94.041   Obstruction of fire lanes
   94.042   Buildings without fire lanes declared nuisance; abatement; suit
   94.043   Lanes to be kept open and marked
Smoke Detectors
   94.060   Definitions
   94.061   Basic requirements
   94.062   Installation; location
   94.063   Maintenance
   94.064   Duty of property owner, manager, or rental agent
   94.065   Enforcement of provisions
Open Burning
   94.070   Definitions
   94.071   Burning prohibited
   94.072   Enforcement of provisions
Indoor Tire Storage Permit
   94.080   Indoor tire storage permit
   94.081   Enforcement of provisions
Temporary Propane Tank Storage Permit
   94.090   Temporary propane tank storage permit
   94.091   Enforcement of provisions
Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Permits
   94.100   Fireworks and pyrotechnics permits
   94.101   Enforcement of provisions
Key Box Emergency Access System
   94.110   Definitions
   94.111   Mandatory key boxes for fire suppression and standpipe systems
   94.112   Mandatory key boxes for fire alarm system
   94.113   Non-applicability to certain dwellings or buildings
   94.114   Key lock boxes
   94.115   Registration and installation of key lock boxes
   94.116   Compliance
   94.117   Inclusion of preamble
   94.999   Penalty