§ 94.110  DEFINITIONS.
   AUTOMATIC DIALER.  A device that automatically dials and relays a prerecorded message to a central station or dispatch.
   AUTOMATIC FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM.  A system or assembly of piping, valves, controls, and sprinklers, which are designed and installed to comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, which utilize water, foam, carbon dioxide, or other gas to automatically react to suppress fire.
   CENTRAL STATION.  An office of a private company to which remote alarm and supervisory signaling devices are transmitted and where personnel are in attendance at all times to supervise the circuits and investigate signals.
   DESIGN RELEASE.  Release issued by the office of the Indiana State Building Commissioner before construction may begin.
   FIRE OFFICIAL.  The Fire Chief or his or her designee.
   KNOX BOX (LOCK OR KEY BOX).  A high security key vault, which shall refer to a UL type box, standards, size, and style approved by the Fire Official.
   RESPONSIBLE PARTY.  The property owner of a building subject to this subchapter.
   STANDPIPE SYSTEM.  A wet or dry system of piping, valves, outlets and related equipment designed to provide water at specified pressures and installed exclusively for the fighting of fires.
(Ord. 2014-3, passed 4-22-2014)