(A)   The owner, occupant, agent of an organization, business or group that uses any type of fireworks or pyrotechnic special effects materials used in motion pictures, television, and theatrical and group entertainment productions, either indoors or outdoors, shall obtain an information permit issued by the Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau seven calendar days prior to the use of the pyrotechnical devices.  This permit shall be in addition to any other permits required by federal or state agencies.  The required pyrotechnics permit applications shall be obtained from the Fire Department. The Fire Department shall develop criteria for reviewing pyrotechnics permit applications. The Fire Department, in its best discretion, may either deny any permit application or issue a pyrotechnics permit to the applicant.
   (B)   The storage, use and handling of fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects shall be in accordance with IFC (675 I.A.C. 22-2.2-25 and as amended) and I.C. 22-11-14.
   (C)   The Fire Department Pyrotechnics Permit must be signed by the Fire Chief or Fire Marshal or a designee and contain the following information to be valid:
      (1)   Name, address and phone number of the pyrotechnic company doing the production or display;
      (2)   Name and qualifications of the pyrotechnic operator doing the production or display;
      (3)   Contact name, address and phone for whom the production or display is being performed;
      (4)   A detailed location where the display shall take place;
      (5)   Date and time of the display;
      (6)   Estimated number of pyrotechnical devices to be used and length of show;
      (7)   A copy of a certificate of insurance conditioned for damages and/or injured to persons or property in the amount of not less than $100,000 shall be attached to the permit.
(1980 Code, § 94.100)  (Ord. 2016, passed 1-23-2001; Am. Ord. 2003-11, passed 6-10-2003)  Penalty, see § 94.999